Click here for technical information on the use of aluminum in wave attentuators.
Wave attenuators are used to break up the energy of windgenerated waves, and/or the wake of passing boats.  There are several physical configurations that can be used, including:

> Vertical slats
> Horizontal beams
> Angled slats
> Shadowbox

Typically, the vertical slats are the least effective, with the shadowbox design being the most effective. Angled slats have proven to be effective, but the clear spacing used is critical to the proper performance. Horizontal beams can be surprisingly effective for small facilities.

Which type is best for you will depend on many factors, such as total expected wave energy, water depths, prevailing winds, fetch, etc.

Wave attenuators add a tremendous amount of load to the piles. This can be a problem when installing a wave attenuator in an existing facility, because the piles may not have the required strength to support the additional load. Let us know what your needs are. We'll come up with a "best" solution, taking all factors into account.